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Re: Opportunity

Jun 25, 1996 04:15 PM
by Drpsionic

Joy may not always be one of my favorite people, but I don't think calling
her an "arrogant bitch" to her face is going to improve her very much.
 Besides, as a lot of people consider me to be an "arrogant son of a bitch"
some folks might make the mistake of thinking that I'm related to her.
I will deal with her as I always have, cordially, making little in-jokes with
her about the effect her presence always seems to have on the weather (we had
a blizzard the first time I met her) and realize that she cannot help being
what life has made her any more than the rest of us can prevent being what
life has made us.
Actually, I will confess to the fact that I always take a certain guilty
pleasure in hearing her.  I rarely understand a word of what she is saying
(all that sanskritbabble) but in many ways she is the Grand Dame of the TSA
and she plays the role quite well.
And it is true, like most of our older members, one never really knows if
this convention will be the last time we see her, though she seems to be in
pretty good shape and hopefully will be around to bug us for many years to

Chuck the Heretic

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