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Re: Opportunity

Jun 25, 1996 12:45 PM
by alexis dolgorukii

At 12:16 PM 6/25/96 -0400, you wrote:
>>Hooray for YOU! That's right on! Joy Mills is an arrogant bitch! I agree
>>with everything below as well.

>I mention this up-coming appearance of Joy's just in case anyone wants to
>take advantage of one of the perhaps few remaining opportunities to call the
>refined, loving, and indefatigable old crusader for Theosophy an "arrogant
>bitch" to her face. . . .
>Richard Ihle

I am a very up front person. I've called her that right to her face, in
1973!(At the Science and Spirit Exposition) She, and the E.S. are the reason
I resigned from The Society at that time. Joy is, along with John Algeo the
personification of everything that went wrong with theosophy.

It's very very easy for a person like Joy to be pleasantly condescending to
people who treat her like an honored celebrity and who make it clear how
honored they are by her presence. Just try disagreeing with her over policy
some time. In fact, just try disagreeing with her about anything anytime.
It's really easy to be nice to folks who act like you're some kind of
Goddess. But it's not so easy to argue with the National President. She's
the primary reason for my absolute disdain for the E.S.. In a way Richard
you chose the right word "Crusader", the Crusaders were just like her. I
don't have a high opinion of them either even though I'm descended from some
of them.

I find it very interesting that when I post a message agreeing with you, or
supporting some position of yours, there is no response, but there is always
a response when I do something which you don't like, or which disturbs your
dreary lower middle-class self-righteousness. Oh well..............



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