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Re: Various and Sundry

Jun 23, 1996 05:17 PM
by Wycked God

Jerry Schueler wrote:
>         The "theosophical teachings" include both doctrines and
> processes.  I have to agree with Delahunt, although it is up to each
> individual what to study and how much, and so on.  It is also up to
> each individual which Path to tread.  Personally, if I had to find a path
> (i.e., suitable techniques) from within the TS literature in order for
> my own self-transformation, I would have left the TSs long ago, because
> there is nothing there for me.  This is the main difficulty that I have with
> "theosophy as process."  I find theosophy great for theory, and for
> mental exercises.  But for real spiritual techniques, it is sadly
> lacking.  So, I use techniques that I find elsewhere and then use
> Theosophy for the theoretical background or worldview in which

I agree.  I've been using theosophy to help expand my theoretical knowledge of my reality for
years.  It's great for providing theory.  I choose to use other methods for my spiritual

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