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Re: Karma

Jun 23, 1996 02:51 PM
by Jerry Schueler

> I've often wondered about Karma.  If everything has an equal and
>opposite reaction, isn't everything  just a reaction to the first action?
	According to Newton, every action (force) directed on
the physical plane has an equal and opposite reaction.  This has
nothing at all to do with emotions or thoughts.  In my Enochian
Physics, I rewrote Newton's third law to say: "For every action of the
I upon its Not-I there is a corresponding opposite reaction of the
Not-I upon its I."  This is the law of karma in its association with fohat,
and is true on all planes.  Basically, this means that any cause-effect
relationship works both ways between our Self (subjectivity) and our
 World (objectivity).  However, cause and effect (causality) cannot
account for everything that happens to us.

>Karma is generally thought to be something that has an equilibriating
>principle  in that all actions do produce a response and the response
>could be delayed for a long time.
	Doss, you are speaking the party line here.  I personally
disagree.  I would say that most action produces a response, but
not all.  In this, I am agreeing with Dzogchen of Tibetan Buddhism.
According to Dzogchen, some karma weakens over time to the
point where it may no longer need to produce an effect.  Also, if all
actions produce reactions, there would be no way to ever stop
the Wheel of Karma, and both Vedanta and Buddhism agree
that one's personal karma can be eliminated.

	Jerry S.
	Member, TI

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