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Re: How many Theosophists?

Jun 23, 1996 00:18 AM
by alexis dolgorukii

At 12:57 AM 6/23/96 -0400, you wrote:
>In message <>, alexis
>dolgorukii <> writes
>>There are 5 billion some odd
>>people on this planet and about 40 thousand theosophists.
>Do we have an accurate head count as of a given (recent) date, by any
>Ancient Wisdom for a New Age

I am going to assume you mean "accurate count of Theosophists". The 5 to 5
1/2 Billion head count of world population is the latest U.N. figure and Im
told by friends in the World Health Organization that it's probably a vast
under estimation.

As to Theosophists; that's a tall order. I am told by Chuck Cosimano that
there are 30,000 members in India (and believe it or not they are not ALL
related to Radha Burnier) The TSA has, I am told some 5,000 members, the UTA
is a problem because they have no members (they say) and no dues, and no
organization. But Jerry E-H says they probably have about 1,000. The
Pasadena group has even fewer (there are only 3 members in the entire San
Francisco Bay area which contains over 5 million people), and most of the
other national sections are under a thousand members each, so I think a
rough estimate of 50,000 members is pretty fair. And so if we just "even it
out": fifty thousand out of 5.5 billion is so tremendously insignificant
it's amazing.


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