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The Messenger

Jun 22, 1996 11:54 PM
by JRC

Hi Y`all,
	Actually, *I'm* the Messenger predicted by HPB. But its not yet
time to reveal my True Mission. And lemme tell ya, I'm not at *all* happy
with the organization that's been prepared for me.
	Just thought you'd like to know.

	Seriously tho, could it perhaps be that it is actually the
*Internet* that is the predicted "Messenger" - it carries not one
message, but *all* messages, contains ... as the crystallization of the
collective mind of humanity .... every science, every art, every
religion, every philosophy -
	What is a "messenger" but one who *carries a message* - why then,
in these times, would a single *person* - with all the potential
distortians and flaws - be needed? A hundred initiates, a thousand
chelas, even the Adepts themselves now have this global tool into which
they can introduce multiple ideas in virtually every realm of human
thought ... without ever needing to reveal their *personalities* (and
hence greatly confuse the issue).
	And yes, while begun somewhat earlier ... it was not until almost
the precise beginning of the last quarter of the century that the
Internet suddenly seemed to take off.
	Myself, I care little for Krishnamurti's re-heated Vedantic
Monism (even cosmic tupperware couldn't have kept it fresh for *that*
long), nor any other *individual* - perhaps its time to finally
understand that the *world itself* is the ultimate messenger ... that
*no* individual, even up to the Adepts themselves, can ever do anything
but "reveal" the smallest fraction of what reality itself pours into our
beings every moment of the day. It is not lack of knowledge that plagues
us today, but its surplus; not a dearth of "wisdom", but the abusiveness
of those who claim to possess it; not a lack of messengers or messages,
but the belief that another "messenger" will somehow accomplish what
thousands before didn't; "truth" is not a "pathless land", but indeed has
infinite paths both to it and within it - and every single damn cell of
every body of every single one of the "masses" is one of its statements
.. has embedded in it the sum total of 3 1/2 billion years of
development through every conceivable environment that has every existed
on this planet, and may well have been generated initially by an impulse
originating from some other realm.
	Consider, for a moment, the Internet as a *being*, as the
equivilent of the *personality* construct to be the "messenger" - such a
thing would mean that ultimately it is not the *messenger* but the *ears
of those listening* that determines what wisdom is imparted. The Net
becomes anything one wishes ... whatever one's intent is, there will one
find themself ... and if one wishes to *serve*, the Net reaches its
highest manifestation ... the wisdom and specialized knowledge of
*thousands* lies at one's fingertips. This is an age in which the
*preparation to recieve* must be focussed upon.
	Truth is what one finds when one stops avoiding oneself.
	The "messenger" is already here, but as few understand its
langauage as have understood that of the messengers of the past.
	And now, as it has always been, Service is the coin of the realm:
The price of wisdom is its use.
							Toodles, -JRC

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