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To Paul K. Johnson - reading and posting to alt.theosophy

Jun 21, 1996 05:08 PM
by Martin_Euser

This is a re-post at the request of PKJ:

At last I found out how people whose service provider doesn't carry
the alt.theosophy newsgroup can *post* to this newsgroup:

 E-mail to

(besides that you just fill in the subject line and the actual message)

Demon internet has a so-called E-mail to Usenet gateway, that's why
it works. Plus it carries the alt.theosophy newsgroup on its newsserver.

Typically your message is added to the list of articles in the alt.theosophy
newsgroup on demon internet and then
distributed along with  other new postings to news-servers around the world
that carry this newsgroup. This means that ALL people with E-mail facilities
should normally speaking be able to post to alt.theosophy.

Reading messages can be done by way of Rene's newsgateway

Note that the question mark after cgi is obligatory, it's not a typo.

Reading postings should be possible by this method, replying or posting a
new message may not work. But you can use the above mentioned E-mail method.


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