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Jun 21, 1996 03:49 PM
by alexis dolgorukii

No Alan: I am NOT kidding! But let me jog your memory a bit.

Sometime past, Dr. Bain and Dr. Jerry Schueler had a discussion regarding
the proper spelling of the word Qabbalah-Kabala and they arrived at a
tentative agreement that Kabala meant tihe serious intellectual study of
Kabala as philosophy-religion, while Qabbalah or Qabala represented the
Ceremonial Magical aspect of the subject.

Now it is patently clear that when we are talking about KABALA, then Rabbi
Akiba, Scholem, and Kaplan are the paramount experts. But when were are
talking about the ceremonial magic aspects of QABBALAH, it is Eliphas Levi
who is the paramount authority to the "magical community". Israel Regardie
and the other "Masters" of Occult Magic, Aleister Crowley included, would be
much less without Levi's influence.  I consider eliphas Levi to be a far
more important figure in the Ceremonial Magic Community that Aleister
Crowley. Unfortunately Levi is tainted by his connections with Joseph Maria
Hoene-Wronski and Theodore Reuss.

My topic basically is the Occult Roots of Nazism, of this KABALA is entirely
free, but to the Nazis; Qabbalah, which they tended to spell Q'UABBALAH, is
an intrinsic ingredient of their occult background.

alexis dolgorukii

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