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Re: The Spirit of Theosophy

Jun 16, 1996 00:26 AM
by alexis dolgorukii

At 10:16 PM 6/15/96 -0400, you wrote:
>Jerry and Alex,
>There is no better treatment for those who pretend to be in authority than to
>introduce their faces to cream pies.
>Chuck the Atrocious
>No one agrees with that philosophy more enthusiastically than I do. BUT, as
you can see from the mail I occasionally get, not everyone agrees with us.

By the way, I've decided to join you in "filtering" Mr. Roxendahl, not only
can't he understand why I don't like ex-Nazis (I don't think there are any
"ex-Nazis"), and why I think the whole German Nation alive at the time who
were not active in the resistance are guilty of the Nazi's crimes, he's an
ex-communist, and for reasons you are well aware of, I have an in born
aversion to Bolsheviks, and a strong personal reason to dislike them, but I
also have a problem believing in ("ex-communists").


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