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Re: The Spirit of Theosophy

Jun 15, 1996 11:48 PM
by alexis dolgorukii

At 04:44 PM 6/15/96 -0400, you wrote:
>> To me the only purpose of authority is
>>to be questioned.If I believe something to be pernicious nonsense it would
>>be totally dishonest of me not to say so. I really take "There is no
>>religion higher than truth" seriously.
>	It seems to me that what you are expressing here is
>the very spirit of theosophy itself.
>	Jerry S.
>	Member, TI
>I would certainly hope so. If I read the motivation behind the "Three
Objects" (and it must be all three) correctly a spirit of open inquiry is
what is supposed to drive the theosophical movement. The motto
Satyat-Nasti-Paro-Dharma or "There's no religion higher than truth" is to be
seen as the direct inspiration behind all "Three object endeavours" and so
it has always seemed to be that ideal would preclude any development of a
"Core Doctrine" for the simple reason that such a thing would inhibit if not
prohibit altogether any open and unbiased efforts on any or all of the
"Objects". It is my very strong belief that the theosophical movement was
originally intended as an antidote to religion, as a result I regard myself
as a theological anarchist, and I truly believe that the "spirit of
theosophy" (at least from 1875-1880) was just that, spiritual anarchy.
Yelena Blavatskaya was, as I see her, an enthusiastic iconoclast, and I
admire her immensely for being so.


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