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Ruminations: Martin Euser

Jun 14, 1996 02:20 AM
by alexis dolgorukii


Fortunately or unfortunately as the case may be, my computer "burped" and
flung the last "ruminations"message into"limbo. It sent me a message "not
enough memory for this disk" and shut itself down. Now, as I was on Eudora
and no disks were involved but my hard disk which has plenty of memory. That
cannot be. I have had another problem this evening, involving an apparently
corrupted disk, and my partner thinks we've picked up a virus. We ran our
Virus checker but to no avail and he's bringing home a new one tomorrow that
supposedly is better. For my part I'm calling Coral Tech Support.

I'd like to point out to you that I wasn't in Germany in 1945 with the
Soviets, who would gladly have killed me on sight, but with my Father who
was serving as the Assistant Secretary of War, and was sent into Germany in
the first days of the Occupation as President Roosevelt's Personal
representative. Because he was who he was, and Because as we were
accompanying Generals Patton and Eisenhower, we traveled all over Germany,
WEST and EAST. It was all one heap of rubble! I don't know who produced your
documentary, but then there's documentaries proving there was no holocaust
too. In any case, I'll trust my own eyes. The destruction in Germany was
awesome. As I had also been to Auswitz and Dachau, I was glad, I felt they
deserved it. I was 10 years old at the time.

Since reading and attempting to answer that last "ruminations" message. I've
been doing some thinking. I just realized that I was allowing myself to be
manipulated into a public "Cat Fight", well, I won't "play". Our
relationship started off well enough, but ever since you started this
"Ruminations" string, you have been unremittingly hostile. Now simply
announcing "I'm a psychologist" and claiming the hostility is all in my
imagination, won't wash. You are hostile to my ideas, and to me for having
them. I don't think much of G de P, or The Mahatmas, or "Core Theosophy",and
you appear to dislike me for it. I think that's plain. Wouldn't it have been
more open and honest to have told me: "Alexis, I read your "Ruminations",
and I disagree totally with you. What you had to say angered me, I think
you're totally wrong, and so I have nothing to say to you". Instead you
carped and sniped and criticized and carefully tried to get me to a point of
irritation to give you the opportunity to "Flame" me which you did tonight.
Another thing that won't wash is bashing someone and saying "this isn't
bashing" and putting in a "smiley face"....sorry it's the words that count.

In any case, I don't want, and won't participate in another cat fight on
this board. If I've learned nothing else from my beloved fellow theosophists
it is that I can far too easily let my temper sucker me into totally
unproductive actions. I won't do it in this case. Maybe I've learned my
lesson. It's particularly clear on this list that small "t" theosophists are
anathema to large "T" Theosophists, and I very much doubt that "ere the
twain shall meet".

If you'd like to discuss my views of theosophy and the second generation of
theosophical leaders, and compare my views with your own, without hostility
and animosity. I'd be happy to accommodate you. But you must keep in mind
that, to me neither the Secret Doctrine, nor HPB, nor GeP, nor the Vedas
themselves, are unarguable authority. To me the only purpose of authority is
to be questioned.If I believe something to be pernicious nonsense it would
be totally dishonest of me not to say so. I really take "There is no
religion higher than truth" seriously. It is my strong opinion that
Theosophy has become a religion and that it displays all of the flaws of any
literalist group.


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