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Jun 13, 1996 04:27 PM
by liesel f. deutsch

>Date: Thu, 13 Jun 1996 01:17:50 +0300
>From: Kay Ziatz <>
>Reply-To: Kay Ziatz <>
>Subject: fear
>     Hello!
>L> I looked at my copuy of CWL's "Astral Plane", & didn't find what you
>L> mentioned. The book doesn't have an index. Can you tell me a little
> It was a _footnote made by russian translator_. Russian edition of
>"Astral plane" differs from original - it contains approx. 20 kb of
>footnotes illustrating different astral phenomenons by stories from
>life, etc. Also these footnotes contain some conceptions not inclu-
>ded by "canonic" theosophical teaching - egregores, naguals and so on.
>I made a reference to this edition of "Astral plane" only to show that
>conception of egregore isn't invented in Soviet Union, as some people
>think, but has an older origin.
>KZ> It's like a gangster organization,
>  My example isn't very correct. It's more like (i don't know how to
>say it in English, but since you lived in Germany, you'll understand me)
>Aktionen Gesellschaft. Of course, there are evil egregores, but there
>are good or neutral, too. Egregore may help people if they get to dan-
>gerous situation, especially when making deeds corresponding to purpo-
>se of egregore.
>L> I would answer that I think you're scaring yourself into staying with
> Yes.
>L> but most Karma, we believe, is Karma which you've brought along from
>L> past, & that in the present you always have a choice of how you wish to
> I mean this kind of karma, too. Each kind of karma is separated by plane
>i.e. if you've done something wrong but you've done it by mistake and your
>intentions were good, you'll get bad karma on the physical plane and good
>on the mental plane. So i think egregores are part of mental karma.
>L> makes me want to cry to note how scared she is of them.
> Maybe you living in the west know only bad sides of communist rule.
>But there were a good sides. I've heard that in some western countries
>people can't go to the forest, etc - when you drive along the highway
>there's the barriers along the road with tables: private, private...
>Most people here don't want this in Russia. There was an interesting
>psychological phenomenon, too, called "feeling of deep satisfaction".
>It means that people don't have to be nervous about tomorrow, because
>it will be exactly like today, or a little bit better. Conservative
>people agree to sacrifice some comfort that may give capitalist sys-
>tem for this stability. People normally trusted each another, and we
>still can't accomodate to contemporary society where each one is only
>for oneself. There were a little number of cars, too. Suppose, Moscow
>(with 8 million inhabitants in 70's) had clear air because people
>normally hadn't cars and used municipal trolly-bus and subway. Wide
>streets built in 30's-50's help to avoid traffic jams even now!
>There was free education in universities, and so, so on...
>L> I don't know the word "shudra". Can you explain what it means?
> It's a lowest indian caste.
>Threr are four:
> Brahman - priests & scientists
> Kshatria - soldiers, generals and kings
> Vaishia - capitallists
> Shudra - working class.
>Latter sometimes means rough, non-educated man, too - I think, my scanner
>meaned this ;)
>L> Yes, I'd love to have a copy of their catalog.
> Can you decode UUEncoded messages? If you can't, then I'll split it.
>Do you have a Wheaton catalogue? If yes, look, is there "Occult Che-
>mistry" by CWL & AB?
>L> I think nothing will help me anymore, until I can return in a new
>L> body. This one is worn out.
> Are you old enough? If no, i think, it can't be "worn out" because
>it is completely renewed each 7 years, leaving only "constant atoms".
>Have you read an "Esoterical healing" (Treatise on 7 rays vol.4) by
>A. Bailey?
>L> I'd still like to know a little more about you. Since your address ends
>L> org., I take it that you got your e-mail address from an organization.
> No, it's other network, FidoNet. It's a free network, i.e. i have not
>pay for it. It started in 1984 in USA and then widespread over the world.
>Addresses in this network are numbers, like in Compuserve, so my address
>is: 2:5020/360.4 It means 2 - Europe, 50 - Russia, 20 - Moscow, 360 -
>4 - point#. Each who has a modem can join this network. The main rule is
>that it's non-commercial and can't be used for purposes of advertising,
>etc. Fidonet is connected with Internet through the so called "gate" -
>station which have both Fidonet & Internet addresses and a special
>software to convert messages & addresses. We have in Fidonet a lot of
>newsgroup called "echo areas" - they remind technically maillists like
>theos-l, but messages aren't mixed with private mail. I'm a moderator
>in area SU.MAGIC - we still haven't special theosophical conference.
>L> What do you do for a living?
>I'm working in an "Institute for Dynamics of Geospheres" - it carries on
>seismological researches, nuclear test control, etc. Wages there are small
>($60/month, note that prices here are much lower than in USA), but
>i haven't to visit my working place every day, sometimes i visit my
>boss & he gives me different jobs, mostly related to programming and desk-
>top publishing.
>L> Do you belong to a study center?
>I've studied in Moscow Aviation Institute but i leaved it when i got
>acquainted with theosophy.
>L> Do you have a family? etc. etc.
> I'm 28 years old and don't have a wife, but have mother, father and
>mother. BTW my cousine lives now in USA, in Lancing (near Chicago),
>her husband studies there. Except occult sciences, my interests lay in
>rock music, jazz and hi-fi recording. I'm a radio amateur and make ampli-
>fiers myself. I'm interesting in gardening, too, our family have so called
>"dacha" - it's a site 18 x 45m with a little house. Unfortunately, cold
>conditions prevent getting good result from it. In 70's we had many
>but all trees were frozen out in 1979 and now we have only strawberries
>& plums. Each year we collect much mushrooms in a forest there, but now
>I avoid eating them because they may prevent (like meat) from getting
>"occult forces". Here in Moscow i live with mother & father on a bank of
>Moskva river, on a 2nd floor. My father is scientist (for russian history)
>and mother is engeneer. Both are materialists, like all my relatives.
>And in which city do you live? I couldn't define it from yr. address.
> With best wishes, Konstantin

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