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Russian TS

Jun 10, 1996 01:45 PM
by liesel f. deutsch

>Date: Mon, 10 Jun 1996 01:34:24 +0300
>From: Kay Ziatz <>
>Reply-To: Kay Ziatz <>
>Subject: Russian TS
>L> almost crorrect, but, to me, it misses 1 important ingredient.
>L> Western Theosophists believe that as much as possible we must try to be
>L> the master of your own fate.
>  It's like a karma, or maybe a part of karma, i.e. it doesn't
>neglect our free will, but creates conditions made by our own
>previous thinking.
>L> "egregore' is not for them, they make a great effort to break away.
>  Yes, they always can leave, but an ergeroge will make them pay.
>It's like a gangster organization that is possible to leave, but
>very difficult.
>L> I think your idea comes from someone who has lived for a long time
>L> under a dictatorial regime
>   No, it was published in Russia in 1907 with a reference to some
>"French occult school". I've read it in a footnote in CWL's "Astral
>plane" made by translator. Origin is: Tukholka. "Occultism & Magic".
>St-Peterburg, 1907. Some people think that conception of egregores
>comes from Kabbalah.
>   It's true, in so called "totalitaire regimes" egregores play a
>great role. Because of that it's impossible to change regime quickly -
>as you probably know, estimation of vote for communist leader Zuga-
>nov is approx. 30%. People when asked say that they will vote for
>communists, but don't know why.
> New anecdote:
>Old women carries big bags full of sugar, flour, salt, etc. from a shop.
>- What is all it for?
>- I make a reserve, because communists are coming.
>- And whom will you vote for?
>- For them of course!
>L> belong to the ES, the Esoteric School, which seems to rule everything.
>When i worked in the Russian TS, i've used a scanner to input articles
>for our magazin. And this scanner had always made funny corrections to
>text. The original header was: "School of wisdom in Adyar". Scanner cor-
>rected one letter in word "mudrost" (wisdom) from "m" to "sh" and the re-
>sult was something like this: "School of shudraship" :)
>L> It's going to be mostly my writings.
>What are you writing about?
>Do you write for any theosophicall magazine?
>L> when I feel better.
>Are you ill? I would recommend to you a simple method to restore
>physical forces. Method is following: you should not eat all the morning -
>from wake up till approx. 2-3 p.m., only drink if you want. After that
>you can eat like you always do.  It's because of astral body repairs
>an etheric one at night and latter restores physical one. They may
>not finish their work in the morning, but they are interrupted by
>digestion process. But you should no limit yourself in drink.
>L> We can get petitions together via e-mail, but last I heard Adyar was
>L> aginst going into the Internet.
>I mean petitions via ordinary mail (post office), but with using
>Internet to coordinate work. Adyar replies very slow. In 1993 i
>wrote a letter that i wanna join a Society and order some books.
>An answer came only in march 1996, with information & book cata-
>logue. By the way, i've scanned it and can send to you if you
>        Konstantin

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