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Russian TS

Jun 08, 1996 11:28 AM
by liesel f. deutsch

>Date: Fri,  7 Jun 1996 22:05:32 +0300
>From: Kay Ziatz <>
>Reply-To: Kay Ziatz <>
>Subject: Russian TS
>L> I've done my duty.
>L> me feel terrible, and accomplishes absolutely nothing.
> Maybe it isn't yr. dharma to participate in discussions - i don't know.
>But i think that isn't wise to cutoff yourself from a channel which you
>can work through.
>  Do you planning to join alt.theosophy?
>L> though the Canadian President tried to find out.
>  Do you know personally Canadian President? Maybe Adyar autorities
>didn't like his personal qualities?
>L> I don't think anyone can convince Radha Burnier of anything.
>  But what about reelection? As far as I know, TS leaders have been
>never reelected and remained until death, like general secretaries
>of Communist Party of USSR. But even communists once displaced
>N. Hruschov in 1964 :)
>L> Petitioning her is like knnocking your head against a brick wall.
>  Study karate :)
>  Have soneone tried "organized petitioning"? Maybe previous peti-
>tions wasn't effective because they were sent by divided people.
>But now we have a benefit of Internet, which Adyar doesn't. I mean
>that each who will occasionally visit Adyar should know which let-
>ters & from whom were sent. Of cource, it depends on number of peo-
>ple that think like me & you and belong to TS Adyar.
>   I've read this year a book by Concordia Antarova "Two lives"
>which some people call "scandalous". It was written during 2nd
>world war and was not for publishing but is published only now.
>It's a fiction book about Masters and their work, but really (?)
>it describes an "alchemical" process in human soul. In most as-
>pects it matches Baileys books. It contains some advices, one of
>them may be useful in your work. When you're talking with a man,
>don't talk to him, but to higher self which enfolded in him. Of
>course, it works only if your intentions are spiritual. Maybe
>this method will help you when uniting theosophists. But i don't
>know, does it work via e-mail ;)
>L> Wheaton just changed the by laws to conform with what Radha wanted.
>   I not mean integration in one structure that is maybe impossible
>by reasons which only Radha knows, but only an acknowledgement as
>theosophical organizations, i.e. at least stopping such a letters
>as one by Kurt Berg which i've quoted.
>L> He's been putting HPB classics into our files.
>We have russian translation of HPB's "Key to Theosophy" and approx.
>2 volumes of little articles in ASCII files, as well as AB's "Ancient
>Wisdom" and CWL's "Astral plane", "Mental plane" & "Monad".
>I don't know anything about (c) of theosophical books. We in
>Russia don't conform any (c) lows so we place to ftp sites all
>books and software that available. But i afraid that it's maybe
>impossible in the west - i've seen fragments of "key to theosophy"
>on theosophicall www server, but never a full text - maybe it's
>by (c) reasons (?)
>L> How about Daniel Entin? He could keep them in the Roerich Museum
> I know nothiing about him.
>   Konstantin.

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