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Re: Core Teachings (to Chuck)

Jun 08, 1996 00:02 AM
by alexis dolgorukii

At 07:23 PM 6/7/96 -0400, you wrote:
>We have cultural differences at work here.  Some years ago at the convention
>at Lake Geneva there was a group thingy on resolve conflicts in TS groups and
>the woman who was moderating it made a comment that went something like, "In
>our culture we don't show anger."
>I immediately broke out laughing and asked her what planet she was from,
>because being half Italian we yell all the time.
>Chuck MTI, FTSA

That, I think is the basic problem with the TSA and the TS Adyar. It has
subsumed totally Victorian Anglo-Saxon Middle and Upper-middle-class
pretenses. Because those are the ONLY people who pride themselves on never
showing anger or any other emotion. It's a phenomenon developed within
people who came back from India and other Colonies newly rich off their
purloined wealth and continued to behave in the pretentious manner in which
they believed they had "awed the natives". What you had was a lot of English
White Trash who went out to socially climb in the colonies. They had no idea
how old money and aristocracy behave so they "lived out their fantasies" and
then, when they got rich off graft and what they stole from the people over
whom they ruled, they went home, built a vulgar mansion, and imposed those
fantasies on the Mother Country and America who at that period took all it's
social clues from the English and was also overwhelmed with rich white trash.


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