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Jun 06, 1996 02:57 PM
by Macnev Uri


* Forwarded by Macnev Uri
* From : Kay Ziatz

>For: alexis dolgorukii <>


a> Now I want to ask you which Rosicrucians are you referring to? This is a
a> concept I have not heard before.
  I mean Max Haendel (?  - in russian "Maks Gendel@") and his
book "Cosmogonic Conception".
  When talking on evolution people think from "human" point of view.
So they say that western civilization is "non-spiritual", and
its progress is illusion. But they forget about other realms of
nature. There are special devas who direct evolution of animal and
plant realms, and humanity is "leading hierarchy" for mineral realm.
  When forging, melting, making chemical reactions, etc., people
wake up consciousness of mineral forms. Because of that a hammer
is important symbol in Masonery. BTW, people cannot succeed in
creating "life" i.e. animals, plants and even cell because they're
not a leading hierarhy for these realms. But they will when nowday's
mineral forms evolve to plants. It will be more perfect plants than
contemporary ones, and people in a mass will be more perfect than
a hierarchy which directs a plants evolution nowdays.
  So humanity sacrifices its growth to benefit of mineral realm.

a> to the "passive fatalism". It is a common Eastern notion that the only way
a> to avoid "Bad Karma" is to do nothing (or nearly so). In any case I can see
a> no real way in which dropping the idea of reincarnation would "speed up
  Where is the logic here? It only proves that fatalism is a result of
misunderstanding of karma conception. Krishna in Bhagavad-Gita strongly
criticizes doctrine of "doing nothing" but in spite of his authority
this point of view is still popular in the east. So christian teaching
puts an accent on a fact of "free will". Early christianity was very
nice but it copied in many aspects the eastern teachings, making devotee
a monk.
  It's like a communism - on contemporary state of consciousness it makes
only troubles but "old-fashioned" and "cruel" capitalism gives more profit
even to poorest people.

a> "root races" supposition is that it is not supportable by science,
 Reincarnation too.
a> and it is far too easily not simply misunderstood,
 Reincarnation too.
In Agni-yoga there's "corrected" doctrine. World is probably ready to
accept reincarnation but not other root races. So there's spoken only
about "Atlantis" and not about "fourth race".

a> and philosophers (I disagree entirely) who claim that Theosophy
a> contributed to German Racial Theories.
 It's not a Blavatsky's theory but Fabre's de Olivet. His theory of
races (not root races) meets closely Hitlers theory. In SD and Popol
Vuh races change each another, but Fabre de Olivet wrote that they
live in one time and compete. I didn't read Olivet myself but Papus
refers to this theory in his books. The theory of "higher" and "lower"
races was common in XIX century (for example see works of Friedrich
Ratzel). The only HPB mistake was borrowing terms known from offici-
al science for her own theory. If she used a word "humanity" instead
of "race" and "contemporary" instead of "arian", her name would never
been connected with nazis, but the meaning of SD remained the same.

W/best regards, Konstantin Zaitzev  2:5020/360.4 Fidonet

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