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Re: TI first object

Jun 08, 1996 00:21 AM
by alexis dolgorukii

At 11:12 PM 6/7/96 -0400, you wrote:

>In message <>, Alan
><> writes
>>It has been proposed that the TI first object could be better expressed.
>>The suggestion as it stands at present would alter the first object to
>>be altered as shown:
>>[THEOSOPHY INTERNATIONAL comprises men and women who, of their own
>>   free choice, subscribe to the spirit of the three objects first
>>   formulated by the Theosophical Society, but in a more up-to-date
>>   form based on suggestions by members of the internet community,
>>   and expressed thus:]
>>1. To form a nucleus within the universal human family, without
>>   distinction of sex, sexual orientation, creed, class, or color.
>>[Current version]
>>1. To put into practice the fact that we are all parts of one universal
>>human family, without distinction of sex, sexual orientation, creed,
>>class, or color.
>>[Suggested revision]
>>TI members please comment - ALL members!
>Ancient Wisdom for a New Age

I will support the suggested revision in preference to the current version
but I too feel that "Universal" is a bit pretentious as "humanity", or
Homo-Sapiens, is a planetary phenomenon, limited to this planet. Our work
and our goal is to inculcate all possible amity within the human family.

The oneness of the unified energy field which is the cosmos is an on-going
reality, and needs no input from homo--saps.

alexis dolgorukii T.I.

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