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Re: What are the Masters doing?

May 31, 1996 11:49 PM
by alexis dolgorukii

At 06:49 PM 5/31/96 -0400, you wrote:
>The post below is an example of the kind of discussion that has taken up a
>majority of the space on this list since I joined recently. Since this is a
>public list we have to assume that people who are seeking spiritual
>nourishment now and then sign up in the hope of finding something that can
>help them on their path. The word "theosophy" carries a promise of
>Since this is a Theosophy list with many knowledgable and intelligent
>members, it is only natural for a new list member (such as myself) to see
>the discussions as SOMEWHAT representative of "Theosophy" in general. If the
>intention was to cause maximum damage to the reputation of Theosophy and
>theosophists, I could not design a better strategy than what is now being
>carried out by a few dominant list members.
>At 02:59 PM 5/31/96 -0400, you wrote:
>>You know of course that if you had lived during Blavatsky's lifetime you'd
>>have called her an "atrocious one" or a "kickfighter"! I do suggest that it
>>might be polite if you'd "butt out' of what is obviously a personal
>>continuing conversation in a jocular vein. You don't have the faintest idea
>>what the continuing conversation is all about so why impose upon it? If you
>>had even a faint idea why Paul Johnson is upset with Daniel Caldwell or why
>>I am upset with Liesel F.Deutsch you'd have some grounds to discuss it. But
>>you don't so, I repeat, why impose yourself when you have no knowledge of
>>the causes or situation?

Alexis comments:

I strongly stand by what I wrote above. Bjorn wrote a totally uncalled for
comment to Chuck Cosimano in regard to one of his "one liners", suggesting
that Chuck belonged in Montana with the "other unabombers and trouble
makers", so I told him he was rude, and I still think he's rude, and that
what I wrote was entirely appropriate. There are getting to be all too many
self-appointed censors on this list. It's a shame.

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