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Jun 07, 1996 09:27 AM
by Macnev Uri


* Forwarded by Macnev Uri
* From : Kay Ziatz

  Hello Liesel!

>I belong to TS Adyar, but I also belong to the TS in Canada, which was
>expelled by Adyar.
 Too? What for?
Maybe, for studying "Hiawatha"? :)

>I think Adyar, at this point, is much too strict with
>their requirements for adnission of Russian theosophists.

     It would  be not so bad if Adyar Society was only "one of
many".  But when we talk about theosophists with  non-theosop-
hists they  associate it with Adyar headquarter.  And if Adyar
does something wrong it automatically extends to all  theosop-
hists in people's opinion.  Because of that an acknowledgement
by Adyar is so important.

> The Theosophists > on the Internet are not only Adyar Theosophists.
> the rules of TI are a modernized version of the 3 objects.
    I think that these "three objects" are only important con-
ditions. And most Internet theosophists share them, i hope.
    Some people say (in this list, too) that SD is wrong.  But
it cannot be a ground for expellation.  HPB is famous theosop-
hist,  like  Einstein  is famous physicist.  And physics in XX
century is associated with name of Einstein. But if his theory
of  relativity  will be refutated,  it will not be end of phy-
sics. Contrary, it will be a good progress for it!
    And studying other teachings cannot be cause of expellati-
on, too.  Because of second object of TS imposes to study dif-
ferent teachings. I would better expell those who doesn't :)
BTW, russian orthodox church expelled HPB (and all her  follo-
wers, too) two years ago. Since orthodox church doesn't accept
reincarnation, HPB is now only under  God's  jurisdiction.  So
they placed  themselves  higher  than God (or began believe to
reincarnation, which is heresy, too). :)
    What I am all this writing for?  HPB wrote in "Isis unvei-
led" that there's more than 400 christian sects in USA.  I af-
raid that theosophists can "catch up & leave behind" as soviet
enthusiasts of 30's said.
    Have theosophists ever trying to fix this situation? Here,
using Internet, we have wider possibilities than before. Those
who are Adyar-F.T.S. can organize letter campaign to Adyar he-
adquarter in order to force Adyar officials begin the reinteg-
ration process.  I  don't  mean full reintegration but signing
something like a "charter" on  mutual  acknowlegement  between
all theosophical  &  semi-theosophical lodges.  Since theosop-
hists are divided, their talks about "forming nucleus of brot-
herhood" seem funny for other people, as well as other doctri-
nes especially if latter were indeed a cause of separation.

> about agni yoga. I've heard of it, but I don't know what it is. Is it the
> theosophy of Mme. Roerich? It's very possible that Adyar doesn't accept
 Yes. It seems to me a little strange teaching.  It's devotees
say that it's more for heart than for mind.  They don't accept
Bailey & Leadbeater. There are 14 volumes:

  1. Call (M. garden leaves, part I)   1924
  2. Illumiination (M. g. l. part II)  1925
  3. Community                         1926
  4. Signs of Agni-Yoga                1929
  5. Unlimiteness (part I)             1930
  6. Unlimiteness (part II)            1930
  7. Hierarchy                         1931
  8. Heart                             1932
  9. Fireworld (part I)                1933
 10. Fireworld (part II)               1934
 11. Fireworld (part III)              1935
 12. Aum                               1936
 13. Brotherhood                       1937
 14. Overterral (Brotherhood part II)  1938

I have  all  these in Russian,  in ascii files.  If someone of
subdcribers knows russian he could obtain them from: ~/users/kirill
But this server may close down soon.
Some of these books are translated to English but I don't know which.

W/best regards,  Konstantin Zaitzev  2:5020/360.4 Fidonet

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