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Russian T.S.

Jun 07, 1996 07:33 AM
by liesel f. deutsch

>Date: Wed,  5 Jun 1996 22:08:58 +0300
>From: Kay Ziatz <>
>Reply-To: Kay Ziatz <>
>Subject: Russian T.S.
>  Hello Liesel!
>>I belong to TS Adyar, but I also belong to the TS in Canada, which was
>>expelled by Adyar.
> Too? What for?
>Maybe, for studying "Hiawatha"? :)
>>I think Adyar, at this point, is much too strict with
>>their requirements for adnission of Russian theosophists.
>     It would  be not so bad if Adyar Society was only "one of
>many".  But when we talk about theosophists with  non-theosop-
>hists they  associate it with Adyar headquarter.  And if Adyar
>does something wrong it automatically extends to all  theosop-
>hists in people's opinion.  Because of that an acknowledgement
>by Adyar is so important.
>> The Theosophists > on the Internet are not only Adyar Theosophists.
>> the rules of TI are a modernized version of the 3 objects.
>    I think that these "three objects" are only important con-
>ditions. And most Internet theosophists share them, i hope.
>    Some people say (in this list, too) that SD is wrong.  But
>it cannot be a ground for expellation.  HPB is famous theosop-
>hist,  like  Einstein  is famous physicist.  And physics in XX
>century is associated with name of Einstein. But if his theory
>of  relativity  will be refutated,  it will not be end of phy-
>sics. Contrary, it will be a good progress for it!
>    And studying other teachings cannot be cause of expellati-
>on, too.  Because of second object of TS imposes to study dif-
>ferent teachings. I would better expell those who doesn't :)
>BTW, russian orthodox church expelled HPB (and all her  follo-
>wers, too) two years ago. Since orthodox church doesn't accept
>reincarnation, HPB is now only under  God's  jurisdiction.  So
>they placed  themselves  higher  than God (or began believe to
>reincarnation, which is heresy, too). :)
>    What I am all this writing for?  HPB wrote in "Isis unvei-
>led" that there's more than 400 christian sects in USA.  I af-
>raid that theosophists can "catch up & leave behind" as soviet
>enthusiasts of 30's said.
>    Have theosophists ever trying to fix this situation? Here,
>using Internet, we have wider possibilities than before. Those
>who are Adyar-F.T.S. can organize letter campaign to Adyar he-
>adquarter in order to force Adyar officials begin the reinteg-
>ration process.  I  don't  mean full reintegration but signing
>something like a "charter" on  mutual  acknowlegement  between
>all theosophical  &  semi-theosophical lodges.  Since theosop-
>hists are divided, their talks about "forming nucleus of brot-
>herhood" seem funny for other people, as well as other doctri-
>nes especially if latter were indeed a cause of separation.
>> about agni yoga. I've heard of it, but I don't know what it is. Is it 
>> theosophy of Mme. Roerich? It's very possible that Adyar doesn't accept
> Yes. It seems to me a little strange teaching.  It's devotees
>say that it's more for heart than for mind.  They don't accept
>Bailey & Leadbeater. There are 14 volumes:
>  1. Call (M. garden leaves, part I)   1924
>  2. Illumiination (M. g. l. part II)  1925
>  3. Community                         1926
>  4. Signs of Agni-Yoga                1929
>  5. Unlimiteness (part I)             1930
>  6. Unlimiteness (part II)            1930
>  7. Hierarchy                         1931
>  8. Heart                             1932
>  9. Fireworld (part I)                1933
> 10. Fireworld (part II)               1934
> 11. Fireworld (part III)              1935
> 12. Aum                               1936
> 13. Brotherhood                       1937
> 14. Overterral (Brotherhood part II)  1938
>I have  all  these in Russian,  in ascii files.  If someone of
>subdcribers knows russian he could obtain them from:
> ~/users/kirill
>But this server may close down soon.
>Some of these books are translated to English but I don't know which.
>W/best regards,  Konstantin Zaitzev  2:5020/360.4 Fidonet
>--- Golded? Heď. 
> * Origin: Nonsense (2:5020/360.4)

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