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Re: TI has a lot to do?

Jun 07, 1996 01:07 AM
by alexis dolgorukii

At 09:17 PM 6/6/96 -0400, you wrote:
>Major questions!  I subscribed to alt-theosophy, but traffic so far is
 Of course it's minimal, most people can't post to it. I can read it, and
make private responses, but I cannot post to the list. The same appears to
be true of Chuck as well. If it's true of us, and we're trying desperately
to be able to post to the list, what must be happening with those who are
only mildly curious?
>I agree that TI has a lot of work to do, but will the members get
>together and do it?  Ideally TI needs its own Web page with its own
>links and its own Web identity - like "" or "".  I asked
>Rudy to put some other links on the present page, but it is on his own
>Net provider, and so Rudy has control of it, and did not respond.

I am beginning to fear that Rudy's through with us. Now I have checked with
both Michael and John about a Web Page for T.I. but the understanding I've
come away with is that individuals can start Web Pages for free but that
anything resembling a Company or Organization must pay hefty fees. I will
continue to investigate and also I'll ask Chuck if there's anyway to link
the Alt.theosophy news group to TI. Just hang in there Dear Friend and
something will happen in time.

>For TI to really make an impact needs work done by its members, and some
>sort of income or sponsorship.  Sponsorship would be best in some ways,
>so long as the sponsor(s) did not want to control what was put out.

When most people give money, they tend to assume they've bought something.
Sponsorship is too chancey!
>Ancient Wisdom for a New Age

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