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family reactions

Jun 06, 1996 08:45 PM
by Drpsionic

I was just musing over Jerry's little story about how horrified his family
was when he announced that he had become a Theosophist.  And we hear these
stories all the time, so I think a slightly different story is in order.
When I joined the TS the reaction was puzzlement.  Joining an organization
that espoused universal siblinghood seemed terribly out of character for me,
as I always seemed like a total misanthrope.  But once they got over that
shock, the rest was no problem at all.  They were actually rather happy about
it and when an article about the Olcott HQ appeared in the Chicago Tribune my
grandmother made a point of showing it to her neighbors explaining that that
was where I hung out.
Then, as they were quite elderly, their minister came over to visit them and
Granny told him all about the TS and how much fun her grandson was having
with it, and as he was UCC and had been out there, he was appropriately
So not everyone has family troubles with this.


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