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Jun 07, 1996 09:28 AM
by Macnev Uri


* Forwarded by Macnev Uri
* From : Kay Ziatz

> For: (liesel f. deutsch)
Subject: Practical Theosophy

L> states that giving money to a poor country hasn't helped yet.
Yes, i've read articles about dreadful consequences of UNO activities
in Africa, too. :-(

L> I've been trying to give you some ideas as to how you could teach your
L>It's very difficult to get the basic capital together

Yes, rich get reacher & poor becomes more poorer. Some time ago i've
read about an interesting hypothesis on this phenomenon.

Are western theosophists acquainted with conception of egregores?
I'm not sure because i haven't read in theosophical books about it.
I assume a large thoughtform which is formed by a collective thinking
of a some community, like poltitcal party, religion or even Theosophical
Society :)  Each member feeds an egregor by his thoughts and gets in
return a protection. Egregore, of course, don't wanna lose his members
because they feed him. And a man can participate in different egregores,
but they should not be enemies to each another.

All noted above is well-known information. But a new that i've read is
the following: there's two big egregores - of rich people and of a poor
ones. When a man is thinking about his poverty, he's feeding an egregore
of poverty. The more is he thinking about it, the more valueable is he
for egregore. So this egregore prevents him of getting reach because
in that case an energy supply will be lost - it will come to egregore
of wealth. Of course egregore of reaches prevents its members from being
ruined, too.

W/best regards, Konstantin Zaitzev  2:5020/360.4 Fidonet

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