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Re: re: CWL

Jun 04, 1996 01:39 PM
by Martin Leiderman

>> Martin Leiderman wrote:
>> I always ask myself, if I go to India and select one individual to be the
>> World Teacher and I choose one like Krishnaji . . . alas! what are the
>> odds??? . . . what do you think Ramadoss, my brother.

Ramadoss wrote:
>    You have brought a very interesting question. Let me add that when
>Krishnaji was "discovered" he was a very puny and not a bright looking
>eleven year old. What are the odds of chosing such a boy and who never
>passed a single examination and never had a formal educational
>certificate and who turns out to be a world renowned speaker?

Question to  Jerry Hejka-Ekins
What is your opinion on CWL discovering "unbright young Krishamurti" ?
What are the odds? Was he all that off everytime in all "his" opinions?

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