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Re: re: CWL

Jun 04, 1996 05:33 PM
by m.k. ramadoss

On Tue, 4 Jun 1996, Martin Leiderman wrote:

> >> Martin Leiderman wrote:
> >> I always ask myself, if I go to India and select one individual to be the
> >> World Teacher and I choose one like Krishnaji . . . alas! what are the
> >> odds??? . . . what do you think Ramadoss, my brother.
> Ramadoss wrote:
> >    You have brought a very interesting question. Let me add that when
> >Krishnaji was "discovered" he was a very puny and not a bright looking
> >eleven year old. What are the odds of chosing such a boy and who never
> >passed a single examination and never had a formal educational
> >certificate and who turns out to be a world renowned speaker?
> Question to  Jerry Hejka-Ekins
> What is your opinion on CWL discovering "unbright young Krishamurti" ?
> What are the odds? Was he all that off everytime in all "his" opinions?

  Let me add:

	From the time Krishnaji was discovered by CWL, AB was also
convinced of the discovery and she went all out to support Krishnaji in
all possible ways. After Krishnaji started his life long career in
speaking, there was none of his International Stature in this area. Even
after Krishnaji passed away, I am yet to see any person of his stature on
the horizon. We had several well known TS leaders but none came close to
his stature.


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