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Agni Yoga

Jun 02, 1996 07:33 PM
by Bjorn Roxendal

>Date: Sun,  2 Jun 1996 22:13:10 +0300
>From: Kay Ziatz <>
>Reply-To: Kay Ziatz <>
>Subject: Agni Yoga
> Hello Bjorn!

Bjorn wrote re Agni yoga:
>r>I have read some of it in English. It is hard to get into it, since much
>r>it is answers to questions, and the questions are not included. But I am
>r>convinced that El Morya has written (or dictated) the answers.
>  I've read almost all books of Agni-Yoga but haven't seen such "answers".
>Probably you've read letters of E.I.Roerich (?)
>  Most of these books do not have chapters, etc. They consist of
>many paragraphs with a number assigned to each of them (like in Bible).
>I agree, "it is hard to get into it", as you said, but because it isn't
>like a Secret Doctrine or Bailey books, maybe it should be accepted more
>emotionally than intellectually. It may be good for people of mystical
>nature but not for me.
>   For instance, I'll try to translate some:
>1. You may be asked - can a time of Maytreya consist an epoque?
>Say - if a cross campaigns gave entire epoque, then Maytreya
>epoque is 1000 times more important. It must be passed with such a
>2. People don't understand, what God and Bodhisattva mean. Like blind
>ones ask - what a light like is? But people even haven't words for
>decribing qualities of light, though they see it everyday. People so
>much afraid of unusual, that have mixed borders of light with a darkness.
>Most easier for them is suppose that God's palace is located on a big-
>gest star. Otherwise their god will leave without residence. Phenomenon
>of incommensurableness makes them to minorize existing.
>3. You wonder often, why I don't give an answer to question?
>   You must know that arrows of thought often touch object of answer.
>Suppose a wanderer who crosses an abyss over a rope. Will it be wise
>to yell him? Yell can destroy his balance. Because of that you should
>not mention names without instant need. Skill of using personal names is
>necessary. Skill of telling a name must be like a hammer knock in a space.
>    (Signs of Agni-Yoga, 1929).
>And so on. Each book consists of approx. 600 paragraphs like these.
>It should be noted that original text is shorter than my translation.
>It's laconic. Perhaps you've seen an original text of Bhagavad-Gita
>and an English translation which is much longer. Russian grammar
>reminds Sanskrit. For instanse, "you might be asked" in first pa-
>ragraph replaces one word "ask" in plural and "future time". So
>adequate English traslation maybe impossible. Spanish or Portuguese
>translation should look better, I hope.
> W/best regards, Kay Ziatz (real name: Konstantin Zaitzev)
>P.S. Please forward this letter to theos-l
>     I can only evenaually post messages there.
>--- SuperSlicer
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