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Attention Liesel & Alexis

Jun 02, 1996 06:44 PM
by liesel f. deutsch

        Dear Daniel,

The only time I get nasty is in response to someone else getting very nasty,
& hitting below the belt. ALexis did that & I responded in kind. Since I
didn't start it, I'm not going to apologize either. But as far as I'm
concerned we might better just stop the whole thing, before the whole list
breaks apart. I haven't read what Alexis wrote for the past month or so, & I
understand that it just kept on being insulting. I've read several of his
messages in the last few days, but now I'm going to stop again. If I answer,
it'll just get us in deeper. If he wants to talk about how awful I and my
friends are, I'm not going to be aware of it, because I'll again be skipping
over what he writes. I don't think it's possible to get a reasonable
exchange going re CWL, so that may as well not be tried. Other than that,
I'm open to any reasonable suggestions about any theosophical topics. But
they've got to make some sort of sense.


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