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To: Subject: "Isis Unveiled"

Jun 02, 1996 05:29 PM
by liesel f. deutsch

Dear Kym,

Theosophists believe in very many reincarnations. The time between
reincarnations varies, depending. For instance, we believe that a young
soldier killed in a war may reincarnate again very quickly, whereas some
person who has led a very useful & saintly life, might get a long rest
inbetween earth lives. There are a number of Theosophical books about
reincarnation. The newest one, written a few years ago, is by John Algeo. I
can't find it in my book case just now, but the title is something like
"Reincarnation Explored". He also made it into a video. If you're a member
at Wheaton, you can borrow this stuff from the Library. The Theosphical
Publishing House has it for sale.

Hope that answers your question.


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