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I-Ching: Primal Correlates??

Jun 02, 1996 05:53 PM
by John E. Mead

I was looking at the Shambhalla Pocket Classic edition of the
I-Ching (trans. Thomas Cleary) and have been unable to find
any other references to what he refers to as the "Primal Correlate"
to a given Hexagram.  He mentions that they are useful in readings,
but does not give any methodology for construction.  I was wondering
if anyone had run into them before??

e.g.  (numbers are the usual I-Ching ordering of hexagrams;
so 1 is Creative, and 2 is the Receptive, etc.)

(relationship is reflexive)

1   2
3  20
4  19
5  57
6  58
7  13
8  27
9  32
10 46


thanks for any insight.  I have not found this concept in the usual
sources (Wilhelms etc.) or Wings.

peace -

john e. mead

John E. Mead
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