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Re: Blind Men and the Elephant

Jun 02, 1996 05:27 PM
by m.k. ramadoss

On Sun, 2 Jun 1996, Jerry Schueler wrote:

> Doss:
> >This reminds me of the story of the blind men and the elephant. Just like
> >each blind man tried to feel one part of the elephant and tried to
> >generalize what the whole elephant looks like, we have Theosophy that we
> >all try to attempt to describe or define or understand.
> >
> >Buddha, faced a somewhat similar situation dealing with various concepts
> >that he tried to discuss. He stated that since there will always be
> >difference in opinion on the unseen, it is easier to discuss those things
> >which are seen.
> 	The real difference between Buddhism and Theosophy, Doss,
> is that Theosophy attempts to define reality, while Buddhism provides
> techniques and leaves reality itself undefined in words.  Theosophy
> is theoretical, while Buddhism is practical.  This is exactly why Carl

I have been trying to make Theosophy practical in the sense that I
try to apply the ideal of Universal Brotherhood to help any man(woman) or
any other entity that I can help. So I feel there is a practical side to
Theosophy. Again I was trying to highlight the point that there is going
to be a variety of ideas, opinions, internal facts we have to deal with
as the full reality is beyond all words.


> Jung called Theosophy "lazy thinking" -- because theosophists who
> study the literature over a long period of time become convinced
> (falsely) that they know everything.  The idea that one can understand
> life, and what life is all about, from reading books, is indeed lazy thinking.
> 	Jerry S.
> 	Member, TI

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