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Re: Discussions (to Rich Taylor)

Jun 02, 1996 03:38 PM
by Jerry Schueler

>It is sad that after 10 years in the Theosophical movement, working hard,
>putting out a Theosophical newsmagazine, working in a local lodge, connecting
>with Theosophists all over the world, I didn't feel welcome on the very list
>where we should have all been able to come together, lovingly, and support
>each other in our work for the Movement.  No luck.
	Rich, I hope that you have read my Wolf vs Sheep post,
even though you have permanently signed off.  You are, of course,
a very nice and respectable sheep, and I know how the big bad
wolves have hurt your feelings, and made you run away to a better
and safer place.  I really am sorry.  I probably did as much as
any of the other wolves here to do you in.  But at least our motives
are clear.  We are, in fact, trying to help.
	Your idea of working harmoniously together in a happy
Theosophical fold to help the Movement is well meant, but
misguided (at least in this wolf's opinion).  Theosophy must clean
its own house first, before we can ask 6 bizzillion Joe Sixpacks to
come aboard.  We have a lot of internal work to do first.  I would
think that first and foremost, we need to define Theosophy, and
"core teachings" one way or another.  We also need to put the
CWL business behind us and move forward.  The latter, of course,
needn't concern you, because you are not in TSA anyway, but
even your negative views (as you clearly expressed them here)
must transform into forgiveness before the Joe Sixpacks can
be brought into the tent.
	For us all to pretend to be harmonious and happy
little theosophists would be play false, and even Joe Sixpack
would catch on in no time.  We wolves prefer honesty.  Lets
us theosophists come together and learn how we can all
agree with one another before we pull in a whole bunch of
newbies who will look to us for theosophical role modeling.

>You should be informed, however, that a new list has been formed for the
>express purpose of discussing THEOSOPHY, its principles, and its practice,
>with NO PERSONAL ATTACKS allowed or the list owners WILL boot people off the
>list.  The name of the list is THEOSOPHY WORLD and you can subscribe to
	The problem with this is that it is all based on a false premise--
that all theosophists are happy and content with the teachings left to us.
Such a list will certainly be no more than a bunch a sheep smelling the
clover and believing all is well in the world.  Its a lot like Eldon worrying
about the "dark side of life."  You will all be like dogs chasing after your
own tails.  You will all need at least seven more lifetimes to see how the
land really lays.  Only in chaos do new forms emerge.  The chances
for a new and whole Theosophical Movement are better here on theos-l
for this very reason.

	Jerry S.
	Member, TI

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