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Jun 02, 1996 03:37 PM
by Bjorn Roxendal

What Alexis and Chuck think and say about me I do not care about. But I feel
I should clarify this "chela-business" so other list members do not get the
wrong idea about me.

When I said that I am a chela of the masters I was using the word meaning
"devoted student and disciple". After the violent reactions from A&C I have
come to realize that the word may be used in a different meaning by some
(many?) theosophists.

My life is devoted to the spiritual path and service under the masters, this
is true, but by that I do not claim any "rank" or special spiritual
attainment etc. I am assuming that many (most?) serious students of
theosophy share this path; the desire to advance spiritually and to serve
mankind under the masters.

If I have used the word "chela" inappropriately, I sincerely apologize.


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