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Re: Discussions

Jun 02, 1996 08:17 PM
by Eldon B. Tucker


>You have not seen us begin to tear people apart.
>Stick around.

You're kidding, I hope???

The more savage a manner that someone tears apart others,
the more they prove to the world that they "haven't got it"
as far as spiritual insight. They may not see this
themselves, but it's quite obvious to others that observe
what is going on.

This is different, of course, from where a great spiritual
reformer is tearing apart the old cobwebs that hide the
light from people. But in this case, the reformer is
cleaning out the philosophy and practices of people, not
slaying the followers of the old way.

The reason, I suspect, that you've held back in your
responses, and not let people "really have it!" is the
same that most of us hold back. It's called "self

The terrible things that we tell others that they are
really say more about our own states and experiences
than they are descriptive of the other people.

On alt.theosophy, if people really let loose with their
worst sides, they'll run the risk of getting buried
in a mound of dung from the thousands of readers than
don't care a bit about what they say, but only enjoy
the game of "ripping people".

I'm not sure how you intend to write on that newsgroup,
but as for myself, I'll give extra care to my words,
considering the different and far wider audience
reading them.

-- Eldon

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