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Re: Discussions

Jun 02, 1996 04:20 PM
by Drpsionic

It's nice to see you are still dropping in occassion, if only to castigate
us.  I wish you the best on theos-world, but for obvious reasons I will not
be joining it.  After campaigning against moderating this list I cannot in
conscience join one that is moderated.  And of course no moderation will be
considered for alt.theosophy.

One other thing,  this all began with a personal attack on me by the mad
chela (he apparently really thinks he is one).  I normally do not let such
things disturb me, but even I have a few chinks in rhinocerous hide.  I
thought it was meant in jest but clearly the man is not kidding.  He really
equates anyone who disagrees with his way of doing things with a madman who
blows people up for real.  I attempted a reasoned discourse with him but that
has proven impossible so I am forced to filter him, which is something I
really hate doing but my blood pressure won't take much more of his nonsense
so if I seem just a bit testy, please be patient.

I doubt you will find him a pleasant person to have on theos-world.  But I
wish you the best with your project.  And do drop in again.

Chuck the Atrocious MTI, FTSA

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