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Re: To Donna, Re: Chuck & Alexis

Jun 02, 1996 01:16 PM
by Martin_Euser

Liesel wrote:
>At 08:08 PM 6/1/96 -0400, you wrote:
>>        Thank you for your kind words. I want to add one. When Alexis
>>decided to pick a fight with Martin Euser, he didn't even have enough
>>respect for Martin as a person to get his last name right.

Martin comments:
some persons take more care of checking names, whether they've spelled
these correct than others. I don't bother too much when my name is being
misspelled. It is the individual's own responsibility to correctly enter
names, data, etc. into their messages. I would suggest, though, in general,
that the larger the forum the more one should take the trouble to have
names, etc. correctly typed in. Its a courtesy to the other readers
and will prevent misunderstandings as to whom is referred.

Liesel>>He just hit out,
>>blindly, & part of that was the misspelling of Martin's name.

Martin comments:
I certainly don't hope that that was the case. I doubt it;
Sometimes, however, I get the impression that there's a 'red aura' hanging
around some of Alexis postings. I get the impression that Alexis is really
angered about something . The point may be that some injustice
has been actually done towards him and I would like to see it clarified.

(Alan, others??)

Not having been subscribed long enough I cannot see the root of it,
although it wouldn't surprise me when it turns out to be once again
related to C.W. Leadbeater.
I sometimes wonder whether Liesel can bear
any criticism at all on beloved persons. Not an easy thing though, and
it seems only wise to take that into consideration.

>>For shame! And that calls itself a shaman!

Alexis>That is an example of the constant stream of invective that
proceeds from that source. If I am constantly taking to task for ignoring
her except once, for which I immediately apologized, then where are her
responsibilities to me?

Martin comments:
the way I see it is that you BOTH have responsibilities to each other,
Liesel included. I still am not sure whether it is the factual content of
your messages in the past concerning Leadbeater has started this war of
words OR the tone of the (yours and Liesels) messages. Would have to wait
until John has archived all the postings.
One thing is certain: the Leadbeater case is an explosive mixture
which can easily be detonated. And I don't like the way that Liesel
adds more fuel to the fire of hatred that's going on between you two.

Alexis>I was, and still am under the impression that Martin's last name was
EULER If it isn't I was wrong. But her implication that I misspelled his
name out
of malice is totally insane.

Martin comments: well, Liesel, I appreciate your motives to come to my rescue,
but I don't have a real fight with Alexis, some skirmishes perhaps.
I don't think Alexis misspelled my name intentionally, I would not know of
one reason why he would.

Alexis>I also wasn't under any impression that I had picked a fight with
 Martin, and we are having some interesting and lively discussions,
 with no really sharp disagreements that I can see.

Martin comments:
Right and I intend to keep it that way. Disagreements need not lead
into flame wars. I don't have the slightest need for that kind of thing.

Alexis>And all this because I presume to tell the truth about someone
she forbids me to do so about!

Martin comments: what is the purpose of discussing Leadbeater's flaws?
It distracts the attention of many on this list from the more important
things we should be discussing (IMO).

Alexis>Now this is an example of the "double standard" that people on this
list exercise that I complain so bitterly about. Never, ever, not once, on this
board have I spewed streams of invective and spite, and yet Liesel is
sympathized with and I am castigated. For Shame indeed!

Martin comments> It may be very well that there's a double standard
on this list.
I suggest we have a *closer look* at it and be more careful from now on.
People who make their point too strongly, being (too?) straightforward will
often get themselves into difficulties  with others, who don't like this kind
of approach. Fact of life, mon ami, and I doubt whether you can change that.
Often it is wiser to soften (temper) ones straightforwardness a little bit.


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