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Jun 02, 1996 04:30 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

In message <>, Martin_Euser
<> writes
>Martin comments: what is the purpose of discussing Leadbeater's flaws?
>It distracts the attention of many on this list from the more important
>things we should be discussing (IMO).

The point is simple: He made many mistakes (viz., "Life on Mars") and
told lies about himself.  If such a well-known writer is shown to be in
error in one thing, then his writing on other things needs, perhaps,
more careful examination than might be the case for another writer.
When we also know that he told lies (as with regard to his age) we ask
ourselves "Why?  Is this person trustworthy?  If he lies to us in one
matter, may he not have lied to us in others?"

These questions do not dismiss all his work as worthless, however, but
we older students are generally aware of the great veneration in which
this man was held.  In my own "Bishops Irregular" [Bain, Bristol, 1985]
I published details concerning his consecration as a Liberal Catholic
Bishop which included the information uncovered by Gregory Tillet.  As
no one has produced any evidence to suggest that *Tillet* lied, I
presumed (and still do) that his research was reliable, especially in
the lie about his age - the original birth certificate was published.

I donated a copy of the book to my own local Lodge.  Shock Horror!  It
disappeared from the shelf within the week.  Yet we state, "There is no
Religion Higher than Truth."

Part of the second object, surely?

Ancient Wisdom for a New Age

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