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Jun 01, 1996 10:11 PM
by m.k. ramadoss

On Sat, 1 Jun 1996, Bjorn Roxendal wrote:

> At 03:24 PM 6/1/96 -0400, you wrote:
> >
> >BTW are you a member of TS (Adyar) or any other organization
> I was a member of the Stockholm lodge when I lived there, but am not a
> member at this time. Before and after I have practiced different spiritual
> disciplines, within and without this or that organization, such as various
> forms of meditation, yoga and Tai Chi/Qi Gong. My first conscious contact
> with the Masters in this life was made 20-something years ago, assisted by
> "The I Am Discourses" a book containing affirmations and dictations by Saint
> Germain and Jesus. For this "opening of the door" I will be ever grateful.
> BTW, my first significant spiritual realization came about while reading a
> book by Maharishi Mahesh yogi! Today I don't believe he is a part of the
> Brotherhood at all, but nevertheless, his writings helped me take a giant
> leap forward!

	Glad to see your message. Couple of things might interest you.
Long before Mahesh Yogi became well known, in late 50s I had a good
friend who was doing his graduate work in Chicago and later taught in
Brooklyn, Mahesh Yogi discussed with him some of his ideas of how to
market his ideas and make money. So it was clear from day one, what his
long term objectives were. Recently I also read a book by his first
"disciple" in the US and organized the group and was the president of the
group, that one day after a long meditation he realized that all the
effects were just a reaction of his nervous system and nothing to do with
any higher matters and instantly he resigned for ever from TM. So I
wonder how far away Maheshi Yogi from any of the real Brothers. But I do
not dismiss that he or his books or his systems does not help someone. It
is said even a stone can teach valuable lessons for an intelligent man.

> I was one of the pioneering New Agers in Sweden, organizing events where
> churches and spiritual groups worked together and presented different
> programs. This was in the 70ies.
> I liked some of the writings of Annie Besant, readily available in Sweden,
> but find them hard to get here. She is not much liked by US theosophists, it

	This may not be completely true. There are many, who have been
benefitted from her books. You do not have to like the author to derive
some understanding or benefit from the book. You will be surprised how
many Theosophists in the US like her and her books. The proof of the
pudding is in eating - if her books have helped someone to better
understand or any  other way benefitted some one, that is all it counts.

> seems. Any idea about how to get a book list to order from?

Please send a e-mail to with a request for (1) where you
can get her books in your country and (2) if you could order them from
TPH, Wheaton, IL. As a last resort you can get a list from Adyar and can
order from there. The last choice will take time. I heard today that
Adyar is on e-mail and keep listening and I will be posting it as soon as
I know the e-mail address.

BTW, are you interested in any particular book by Annie Besant?

Regards,  .....Ramadoss

> > Bjorn

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