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Re: What are the Masters doing?

Jun 01, 1996 03:43 PM
by Martin_Euser

Alexis>  There are getting to be all too many self-appointed censors on this
list. It's a shame.

Martin comments:

Freedom of speech is a very good and necessary thing indeed.
As with all freedom, however, it is imperative that people learn to operate
within certain self-imposed boundaries, having to do with the rights
and freedoms of others. Why is it that so many Americans are obsessed
with their *rights*? Do they still have to learn their *duties*?
One's duty may be the 'right' of the other, isn't it?

Alexis>I have always, and will always do and say exactly what I
      think is right for me to do and say, and I will always speak the truth
as       I see it. If others disagree, that is of course their right. But it is
      not my problem.

Indeed. But that's not the issue here (except for the Leadbeater case).
The issue is, or rather has become: personal attacks on each other.
Sure you are wise enough to not belief that anything good comes from it.
Why continue or react, as the case may be? (I subscribed but a couple
of days ago to theos-buds and didn't see much of the previous quarrels
Anyway, I'm glad you withdraw your remark about Liesel as Alan rightly

Again to this 'self-appointed censor' thing. It sounds as a hollow phrase to
me, because it is used too often by you (and Chuck sometimes). You're not
with kids on this list, but with grown-ups who *do* have some standards of
Maybe you will have more success with this style of communicating
on alt.theosophy (if there are many young people on it), but this style
is often contra-productive on this board. You *will* have noticed that
by now, I presume?

Now, having said this, this doesn't mean I'm not interested in your *ideas*.
In fact, I'm going to discuss your views on karma and reincarnation thoroughly
with you, if you can stand severe scrutiny and dissecting of your opinions
on these things.

Martin Euser

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