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Re: What are the Masters doing?

Jun 01, 1996 03:43 PM
by Martin_Euser

Alexis> You know of course that if you had lived during Blavatsky's lifetime
you'd have called her an "atrocious one" or a "kickfighter"!

Martin comments:
you use the word 'of course' quite often in your postings.
Is this supposed to add weight to your utterances?

Alexis>I do suggest that it might be polite if you'd "butt out' of what is
obviously a personal continuing conversation in a jocular vein.

Martin comments:
'jocular vein', really.. Is it perceived so by Liesel?
And whence this sulky posting of yours if it concerns only 'jocular vein'?
There is evidently a contradiction between tone and content here..

Alexis> You don't have the faintest idea what the continuing conversation is
all about so why impose upon it? If you had even a faint idea why Paul
Johnson is upset with Daniel Caldwell or why I am upset with Liesel
F.Deutsch you'd have some grounds to discuss it. But you don't so, I repeat,
why impose yourself when you have no knowledge of the causes or situation?

Martin comments: Before you were a subscriber to theos-l I was at least two
or three times so, dropping out after certain periods for various reasons.
I'm quite aware of the Paul Johnson - Daniel Caldwell debates and ditto
with the debates regarding Leadbeater. So, I *do* know about it, actually
more than I would like to. I will say one thing however, and it is this:
even if you're right about Leadbeater (Jerry H-E has in the past mentioned
some documentary evidence regarding the 'Leadbeater  case'), even then
it is far wiser to take someone's [substitute: Liesel] feelings into account
and not try to put your idea's through someone's throat.  This person will
probably vomit and it might just end right in your face.. (an ugly picture, but
a psychological truth). Don't you think you might actually accomplish more
if you would be a little more considerate at times?
A basic thing is having respect for each other, and I suspect that you
DO have respect 'even for Liesel' despite the comments you were exchanging.
I have (and hate it) to be nitpicking on this point because this respect is not
sounding through very much in your posts (the same would probably be true
for Liesel regarding you - I would have to trace back all the posts even before
I subscribed to this forum this time to be more definitely here)
Can't you show a little more of that to her?


Martin Euser

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