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New astrology book

Nov 28, 1995 09:23 PM
by K. Paul Johnson

I just got Noel Tyl's Synthesis and Counseling in Astrology
which is proclaimed to be a professional manual. It's the most
advanced astrological textbook I ever saw and is full of
fascinating material.

Apropos of Eldon's comment about my wanting to reform
Theosophists there are great brief descriptions of each
Sun/Moon combination. For mine it said "needs a sympathetic
audience for his efforts to reform and reorganize on a grand scale."
It seems that reforming and reorganizing outsiders' view of HPB
is a much easier task than doing the same for Theosophists.
Probably the same will be true of Cayce and ARE members.

If anyone would like to know what he says about their own
Sun/Moon polarity posted either publicly or privately let me know
and I'll bring the book to work tomorrow and pass along the

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