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Waking Uo

Nov 28, 1995 08:54 AM
by bbrown

I read Alan's article with much interest last night and it opened another
3am can of worms and here I am at 4.30am intending to try to explain what
little I can bring into the physical brain and put into words. Please bear
with me as I will try to verbalise the best I can. I get these middle of the
night revelations quite often if I have been pondering on something. I think
you all know my interest in life-atoms so here goes.

The first idea is to do with Alan's remarks about the spirit/soul inhabiting
the physical form and using it to live in while in embodiment. This form is
composed of life-atoms among other things that have their own evolutionary
agenda. To express the ideas I will refer only to the physical life-atoms
even though there are life-atoms of finer substance on the 'higher' planes.
The fact also mentioned was that these days many souls have identified with
the form and think they are their bodies. This indicated to me that the
spirit would find it nigh on impossible to effect changes to the life-atoms
because they are in charge of the outfit rather that the soul guiding the
evolution of the atoms with the help of spirit. This sort of guidance runs
right through creation. Because we have the same atoms every time we
re-embody it is in our interest to spiritualise them as best we can despite
their resistance. We are all tied together through magnetic attraction that
continues until our spirit no longer needs a form to function through.

the next idea is the concept of an evolutionary leap that occurs every so
often in our growth towards spirit. It seems that the Manu who is in charge
of this sort of thing does this from time to time so that the life-atoms
get an extra shove upwards to make life a bit easier for the spirit/soul who
has no problem with growth in the quicker lane. Spirit/soul help to absorb
these rising vibrations designed to shake the atoms loose from their
comfortable rut.
Looking back in our evolution there have been times where a leap has
happened and there is no gradual connection to explain what happened. I have
read many theories about what happened to the dinosaurs or where the Mayan
people suddenly went to. There are many other instances like that. It is
time for another one so our life-atoms have to be jolted. The changes are
already happening and in the light of this idea I notice the many people
who have unexplained aches head aches. joint aches etc. There are now
things like Syndromes called this or that because the doctors cannot
properly explain just what is causing all this discomfort out there. The
identification of the soul with the body makes for hard times during this
energy increase as the soul gets caught between the spirit and the body and
doesn't know what to do with the strange feelings so hence the expressions
of violence as a means of dealing with it. It therefore becomes
understandable to me why all the world seems to be falling apart because
this is only the outer expression of inner spiritual changes. This being the
5th root race? I understand that we have 07 planes to traverse to get to the
6th root race . This is putting it in simplistic terms I know but I am
trying not to get too complicated because than I will get lost. So if it is
time to move to another more etherial plane then our atoms have to change in
order to cope with the change in vibration to something a bit finer that we
are now.

To the next idea. I have had a foot firmly in theosophy and one in the new
age for the last 05 years and have been absorbing the new age ideas to see
what they are about. Out of all the weird and wonderful stories the theme of
a shift in dimension is the most persistent one. This is in line with the
previous idea except for the formats the new age choses to use to explain
it. I hear time and again from the new age about their aches and pains and
weird experiences they get all worried about.

There was also expressed an idea that is not so clear to do with mini
pralayas that occur when this shift takes place. It seemed that spirit/souls
part company with their life-atoms for a while to have a rest and let the
atoms 'peregrinate' a favourite term of de Purucker around and about here
and there until called into service by spirit/soul for another embodiment.
The planetary spirit also gets cleaned up on the 3/4th dimension and
activates the 5th to receive new visitors. The spirit/souls who could not
get their atoms out of their ruts will have to return to 3/4th dim to try
again next time and as they have already made a start this time it will be
possible to do it next time around. The ones who did give their atoms a
shake up return to the new plane to begin another adventure. How this
pralaya might come about I can only guess as I could not get a clear handle
on it. But it indicates how important it is to get one's atoms to co-operate
at this time otherwise they could not cope with the next plane's vibrations.
This idea may explain all the fearful attitudes out there as the spirit
knows what is to happen but lack on knowledge makes the soul frightened.
It's identification with the body creates fear at the thought of change and
perhaps death. The emphasis was on Mini pralaya so it may just be a short
parting of the ways.

This is how it seems now but as my understanding grows so does my ability to
explain better what I have given a lot of thought to so all things change
with time. I hope to incorporate this with my research on life-atoms but I
expect some of the 'resistance' that Paul Johnston talked about yesterday.
Fortunately I don't get bothered because as long as these ideas help me to
understand what is going on that all I ask of them. If others think they
are untheosophical and strange then that is their choice and hopefully we
can agree to differ. Any mention of the new age and its ideas is inclined to
be frowned on by many theosophists but if the new agers had some of
theosophy's knowledge maybe they would understand in a more logical way
what is happening. I have heard the assension tapes channellings from all
sorts ET arrivals etc and am so thankful that theosophy has given me the
framework within which to sort out these ideas.

I hope I haven't bored you to tears but I rather liked the concepts that
arrived in the middle of the night. I might ignore my aches and pains that
have no real basis more easily as I am as healthy as a horse and my doctor
probably thinks I am a silly woman on the odd accassion I do visit him and
mention my aches along with the reason I went.
Love and light

Bee Brown
Member Theosophy International

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