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Re: new TSA home-page on WWW a sample for TSA to view

Nov 28, 1995 09:21 AM
by bbrown

>brief news announcement to all:
>we have just put up a "test" TSA home page at URL
>this page includes 04 TSA "Pamphlets" plus some hooks to other
>Internet Theosophy resources. My initial testing worked on *my* end
>and I would like comments back from people who try it.
>special thanks to Don DeGracia for scanning the pamphlets and building
>the Homepage.html etc.
>Also thanks to TSA John Algeo and Nathan Greer for getting permission
>to use the TSA material on the Internet.
>peace -
>john mead
>p.s. I think there may be a bug in the e-mail routine to
>but that should be fixed in a day or so when I get a chance to check it out.
>Also the other links to stuff at Paramax etc may appear shakey depending
>the net-gremlins.
>John E. Mead
>[Physics is impossible without imaginary numbers]

It look pretty good here in New Zealand. Thanks for the emblem. Have been
trying to get it into my computer for a while.
Good luck.
Bee Brown
Member Theosophy International

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