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Re: Social programs

Nov 27, 1995 10:57 AM
by Liesel F. Deutsch

Doss replying to Ann

You talk about motivating people to get training. Suppose you get
them motivated & they don't have the money. Do you then advocarte
holding up a bank? I'm being facetious. Very often the only thing
poor kids can do profitably is become a pusher. Where's the money for
an eduacation going to come from?

I don't think too much either of people who hide an empty head behind
a college degree. But there's no getting away from it a degree is
often an "in". I had a cusin who did engineering work without a
degree. He was perfectly capable but he was always laggiung behind
in pay & feeling uncomfortable. When he got close to retirement
they fired him because they said they needed people with degrees.
It always put him at a disadvantage.


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