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Acceptance and Resistance

Nov 27, 1995 03:13 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

> Eldon said in reference to JRC that he seemed to want others
> to accept his reports of inner experiences without question.
> Thus when the climate was not receptive to this expectation
> JRC was disappointed. In reference to me Eldon commented that
> my personal attachment to the contents of my books were at the
> root of my disappointment with Theosophists' reactions. This
> seems to put the burden of responsibility entirely on those who are
> disappointed rather than acknowledging that some responsibility
> rests elsewhere.

My understanding of the Teaching is that if say you tell me
that you have this or that inner experience then I should repect
your identity and dignity by accepting it as genuine even if I
personally cannot understand it. If perhaps I thought you
might be misinterpreting that experience then I can if I am
willing to take the responsibility talk to you privately about
it. End of story.


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