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RE: Attracting Younger Individuals

Nov 25, 1995 08:42 AM
by M K Ramadoss

>At 040000 PM 11/25/95 -0500 Liesel wrote:
>>Dear Doss
>>I'm sorry you belonged to a group that talked about nothing but death
>>& dying. I'm of the age to be interested in that too so I went &
> ^^^^^^^

There were three lodges in the city and I went to "all" the three
and so it was a mixture of various things I received. It did not bother me
at all since any one could die at any time; don't we all think life goes on
in a straight line.

>>took a course in it at OCC. So I got all the info I wanted from that
>>course. I'm in a senior citizen's apartment
>>complex & unfortunately most of the people in here talk about their
>>illnesses the possessions they left behind & sing nostalgic songs
> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

The best talk I ever heard was that of a very famous philosopher and
teacher who told the audience to look around and see other peoples problems.
He said "if you look at other's problems which in most cases are more
serious than yours" and added that "you will not cry over your petty
problems." What a true statement! I have used this in many instances when I
am around my friends and acquaintances and I am yet see anyone who disagrees
with it.

>>of the '20ies. So I know whereof you speak. One would think though
>>that Theosophists who are supposed to be more alert & aware would
>>be interested in items besides their aches pains & an imminent
>>trips to devachan.
>Young people are our future. If we don't attract
What many do not understand is that young people have to take over
and in many cases I feel they are likely to be more advanced souls than most
of us and will take the world from we have it now. This is just my thinking
and I cannot "prove" this to anyone.

>>those what's the good of it. Who needs 1/2 dead old fossils! The thing is
>>Theosophy has something to offer to the younger generations
>>especialy the new agers. We need to somehow get it out to them. I
>>think some of us are looking for ways. So what do you suggest?

I feel that Internet is the medium of the future. It is going to
overtake print and other medium and is going to have very lasting effect on
large number of people all over the world.

Theosophical discussions on Internet will definitely yield results.
We may not see a ground swell of formal dues paying members [the need for
dues would disappear with all accompanying problems that organizations
create such as the administration asset/money management etc]; But I forsee
Theosophical principles and ideas gradually permeating the daily action of
masses all over the world. Afterall it is affecting the individuals all
over the world that is going to lead to a better peaceful world. I hope we
will see this in our life time.

So let us come up with creative ideas that can be implemented on


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