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RE: Attracting Younger Individuals

Nov 25, 1995 03:00 AM
by Liesel F. Deutsch


Dear Doss

I'm sorry you belonged to a group that talked about nothing but death
& dying. I'm of the age to be interested in that too so I went &
took a course in it at OCC. So I got all the info I wanted from that
course. I'm in a senior citizen's apartment
complex & unfortunately most of the people in here talk about their
illnesses the possessions they left behind & sing nostalgic songs
of the '20ies. So I know whereof you speak. One would think though
that Theosophists who are supposed to be more alert & aware would
be interested in items besides their aches pains & an imminent
trips to devachan. Young people are our future. If we don't attract
those what's the good of it. Who needs 1/2 dead old fossils! The thing is
Theosophy has something to offer to the younger generations
especialy the new agers. We need to somehow get it out to them. I
think some of us are looking for ways. So what do you suggest?


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