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RE: Attracting Younger Individuals

Nov 25, 1995 01:47 PM
by bbrown

>Dear Doss
>I'm sorry you belonged to a group that talked about nothing but death
>& dying. I'm of the age to be interested in that too so I went &
>took a course in it at OCC. So I got all the info I wanted from that
>course. I'm in a senior citizen's apartment
>complex & unfortunately most of the people in here talk about their
>illnesses the possessions they left behind & sing nostalgic songs
>of the '20ies. So I know whereof you speak. One would think though
>that Theosophists who are supposed to be more alert & aware would
>be interested in items besides their aches pains & an imminent
>trips to devachan. Young people are our future. If we don't attract
>those what's the good of it. Who needs 1/2 dead old fossils! The thing is
>Theosophy has something to offer to the younger generations
>especialy the new agers. We need to somehow get it out to them. I
>think some of us are looking for ways. So what do you suggest?
We have been having a 06 weeks course by our resident astrologer and
librarian on the outer planets Pluto Jupiter and Uranus. Now she came up
with an interesting idea. The outer planets take years to go from sign to
sign so a generation of people are born under a specific influence. This is
of course mixed up with the rest of their charts but it means that us older
ones have a certain orientation towards rules regulations institutions
etc which limits our ability to really put something in place that speaks to
young people. It is they who are born under a completely different
influence that will change the way of the world as they see it. Even when
they get oldies they will retain their ideas and in turn be displaced by
the next generation.
We need to take more notice of the younger ones because they will bring
about a different way of doing things to suit themselves and according to
the influence of their inner rulers. It is hard for the older ones to give
up the reins to younger people but I think we need to give their ideas
respect and help them develop a new way. The overview presented by the outer
planets was very enlightening and gave us food for thought. We will get
dragged into the new age whether we like it or not. Just what it will be
remains to be seen but many things are disintergrating now and will be
replaced with other ideas that may in the end be better than what has been
done so far. I sure hope so.
Bee Brown
Member Theosophy International

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