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Theosophy International - new info/welcome file

Nov 24, 1995 10:42 AM
by jem

hi -

please send comments on the following "welcome/info" file for Theos-L
& theos-xxx etc.

thanks -

john mead
Welcome to the THEOSOPHICAL INTERNATIONAL discussion lists.

THEOSOPHY INTERNATIONAL comprises those who subscribe to the
three objects of Theosophy:

1. To form a nucleus within the family of humanity without
discrimination with regard to sex including sexual
orientation creed class or race.

2. To encourage and engage in the study of comparative philosophy
religion and science per individual ability and inclination.

3. To investigate unexplained laws of nature and unrealized
human potential and abilities.

THEOSOPHY INTERNATIONAL is simply a theosophical network
whereby it is sufficient to declare one's sympathy and/or
allegiance to the three objects and to be noted as having
done so. No belief system is required *nor assumed to be held*
by any member.

There are no fees and no subscriptions.

THEOSOPHY INTERNATIONAL does not have and does not need rules nor
organizational structures. Participation and/or support for any
activities is an entirely personal matter.

Please be tolerant and respect the opinions and religious views of all
the members!
John E. Mead
[Physics is impossible without imaginary numbers]

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