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Highbrow Chat.

Nov 24, 1995 12:25 PM
by bbrown

Hi all
Just to say that Wanganui Lodge is on the move. We sold our old house on
22nd Nov new moon and lots of conjunctions? and now have to arrange the
alterations on our next Lodge. It is an old shop and it is one very large
room with kitchen etc at the back. We will divide a bit at the front for our
library so it can be shut off and we can make the rest available to other
groups to rent. We are taking the front right off and getting a new one
built. We have to pack up our 1200 library books and our chairs and other
bits and be gone by 15th Dec. I am excited about all this and look forward
to a new energy and enthusiasm with which to promote theosophy in Wanganui.
A new image may help with this. I guess we will be busy for the next month
or two.
Regards to you all

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