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Nov 20, 1995 11:00 PM
by mike

>Re the infallibility of HPB CWL & AB
>Why don't we just garner from them whatever is useful for us today & go on
>there? Who cares about 100 year-old lies ... Maybe we can use them to
>deal with the lies coming out of DC today. Who's more adept at lying?
>HPB or Gingrich?

It figures I respect them both.

>Maybe we can convince the
>Republicans that there's heavy collective karma ahead if they monkey too much
>with all the social programs people have come to depend upon. Let
>them see clearly the laws of cause & effect.

I suppose we could let the social programs consume all federal revenue as
for about 15 years from now. At which point when money is no longer
available we'll
just have everybody go cold turkey. Hmmm.... I wonder what the karma would
be then.
It is because some are seeing the laws of cause & effect that change is being
proposed today in DC. The answer is not to have lots of people dependent on
social programs but to have social programs that teach people how NOT to be

In some ways people were wiser in HPB's time.

-Mike Grenier
Michael W. Grenier
612-456-7869 Loral - Air Traffic Control

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